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Family, Determination & One Vision


Flavorite has a rich history that has deep seeded roots into the fresh wholesale market in Melbourne.


Both our founders worked alongside their families in the market for many years selling all types of fresh produce and learning first hand what customers want. 

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In 1988 Mark Millis had built 3,000m2 of plastic igloo greenhouses in Gippsland Victoria to grow tomatoes.


During 1994/1995 the first greenhouses at Flavorite were built and with limited capital they were made with a steel frame and plastic film to form the tunnel.


Between 1995 and 2000 Flavorite built an additional 6 plastic greenhouses to expand production to meet demand.

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In 2001, the business was continuing to grow and with more capital to invest, Flavorite built its first glasshouse.


Using glass gave us greater control in managing the temperature and pest outbreaks which resulted in better yields. A second glasshouse was built shortly after in 2002.

In July 2014, Flavorite completed construction of the biggest semi-closed glasshouse in the southern hemisphere.


To allow us national distribution and a year-round supply of tomatoes, Flavorite also established a new 10.6H glasshouse in Katunga (northern Victoria) which provides strong supply during the winter months. The Katunga site, through geographic diversity, provides the perfect mix of high winter light and a high-quality production environment to complement the existing production at our Warragul site. 

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Today, all produce is grown under glass covering a total area of 420,000m2 or 58 football fields.

Whilst tomatoes are at the heart of our business, we now grow so much more, see our products page for details. 

The driving force behind the Flavorite story is our people.


Our team continue to push the boundaries in the agricultural space and innovate to ensure we produce the best tasting produce all year round whilst minimising our impact on the environment. 

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