Flavorite joins Maddie's Month vital fundraiser

Seasonal workers needed at Flavorite

October 2021

A major expansion of Flavorite’s production capacity will see the company embark on a major staff recruitment drive in coming weeks.

More than 50 new jobs will come online as the Warragul company commissions a new glasshouse into production and prepares for its peak season.

Bringing your fave flavours to the table.

September 2021

Flavorite is family owned with three generations of experience in growing and supplying premium fresh, flavourful produce from their four Victorian farms in Warragal, Katunga, Mansfield and Tatura. We’ve worked with Flavorite since the early 00’s and have kept them busy. The team supply us with truss tomatoes, cherry truss tomatoes, palermo (sweet capsicum), mini capsicum, eggplant and continental cucumbers. Every year, they supply us with close to 3 million kg of fresh tomatoes!

Flavorite's COVID vaccination blitz a "win-win"

September 2021

The Warragul vaccination clinic last week opened its doors to the Flavorite organisation, enabling staff to be transported from the Copelands Rd operation for their COVID jabs.
Flavorite marketing and communications manager Tom Millis said they wanted to send a positive message to their staff and suppliers. “It’s about protecting our people, protecting their families, protecting the local community and keeping fresh produce on the shelves

Glasshouse to grow jobs

September 2021

Australia's largest glasshouse producers of fresh fruit and vegetables has become the flavour of the moment for regional jobs.
Following the merger of Flavorite with Murphy Fresh in May, up to 150 new rural jobs are progressively becoming available.

150 jobs for Tatura Fresh after merger

August 2021

In March, Tatura Fresh owner the Murphy family and glasshouse powerhouse Flavorite announced they intended to merge.

Far from causing downsizing, the amicable merger has brought forward upscaling plans.

Flavorite Chief Executive Mike Nichol said construction was already under way on 60,000 sqm of new indoor hydroponic space at the Tatura site.

Beyond the bottom line

July 2021

When it comes to sustainability in plastics, Martogg’s Ben McCulloch doesn’t mince his words. “We have a waste crisis here in Australia and much of the world,” he says. “Stockpiles of waste continue to grow, and we have all seen the devasting effects of plastic on our environment. However, in saying this, plastic is inherently recyclable and therefore if recycled correctly, it can be reused into new products and packaging.”

One of Australia’s leading glasshouse producers, Flavorite, has used Rpak’s packaging for almost five years. Products including its large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and snack-sized cucumbers are packed in this recycled packaging, with more products lined up.

Flavorite Group & Murphy Glasshouse businesses merge

March 2021

The Flavorite Group are pleased to announce the merger of their business with the Murphy family businesses in Victoria, formerly known as Murphy Fresh (Mansfield) and Tatura Fresh (Tatura).

Fundraising campaign kicks off

November 2020

Two families united by the shared loss of a loved one will kick off a campaign at Coles to help find a cure for patients diagnosed with blood cancers. The partnership between Flavorite, Coles and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision is set to raise a total of $500,000 to help fight bone marrow failure syndromes.

A taste for work

March 2019

A unique training program developed between Gippsland Employment Skills Training (GEST) and local employer Flavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes is opening up work opportunities for unemployed people in the Latrobe Valley.
When 58-year-old mill hand Rongo Taura lost her job after 29 years at a Latrobe Valley sawmill she wasn’t hopeful about finding another one. She worried about her age and her English. ‘I’m not good with spelling and reading. So I didn’t have a lot of confidence.’

2019 Gippsland Agribusiness of the year - Flavorite

August 2019

Flavorite tomatoes grow from cottage industry to major player.
Hydroponic tomato empire Flavorite was crowned the Gippsland Agribusiness of the Year on Friday. 
Around 200 people at the inaugural Food & Fibre Gippsland Excellence in Agribusiness Awards Gala Dinner heard how the Nichols and Millis families have revolutionised the tomato business in Australia. 

Australian glasshouse producer planning to diversify into the cucumber space

November 2019

A major Australian glasshouse producer and marketing company, Flavorite is preparing to diversify its business, with the introduction of high wire glasshouse grown continental cucumbers.