Cherry Truss Tomatoes


Cherry Truss Tomatoes

The sweet burst and intense flavour as you bite into a cherry truss tomato is a delightful addition to any meal taking food from everyday to extraordinary.

Leave cherry truss tomatoes on the vine, allowing them to ripen and sweeten ensuring they are at their optimum when you are ready to use them.


Cook these cherry truss on the vine to give your final dish a rustic look

Best For

Snacking, roasting on the vine and salads

Health Benefits

Tomatoes are an excellent  source of Vitamins A, C and Niacin along with Potassium and Manganese.

Tomatoes are also rich in Lycopene and are abundant in antioxidants with several health benefits.


Just like Truss Tomatoes, Cherry Truss are best when stored at room temperature, away from the sun. Leave them on the vine so they continue to  ripen.

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