Loose Cherry Tomatoes


Loose Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet, delicious and healthy - cherry tomatoes are the ultimate snacking superfood.

Ripened on Australian grown vines and only harvested when fruit has reached full maturity, Cherry Burst are given the time to grow into a natural and nutrient rich delight.


True to its name, this bite-sized superfood is a "burst" of flavour and nutrients.

Best For

Snacking and salads

Health Benefits

Cherry tomatoes contain exceptionally high amounts of lycopene. The antioxidant lycopene can help prevent a range of cancers and other diseases.

Cherry tomatoes also have a high content of Vitamis A, C, E, K, B and beta carotene, which all make Cherry Burst a true superfood.

Eating cherry tomatoes regularly can show health benefits such as a burst of energy, fast recovery from the common viruses, and stronger bones.


Cherry tomatoes are best when stored at room temperature, away from the sun.

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